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The first time he fucks your wife. So many things happening at once. How huge he is against her. How slowly he has to push. The way it bends a little, because she’s so small and tight. Her back arches when she pushes against it and gives in. Offering herself to him instinctively. We are animals after all, and the animal with the biggest cock wins, right? See how her nipples grow so hard they ache? How quickly he forces a deep moan from her? How her fingernails dig into the sheets, loud enough for you to hear them? It’s just the natural order of things playing out.

You’ll remember one thing more than all the rest though.

They way she drips for him on that first stroke, all the way to the floor.

This image will replay in your mind until you wear it out. You can rationalize all you like. Tell yourself that you’re adequate. That you’re enough for her. That she’ll still want you as much as him. You’ll throw those thoughts against this image over and over. But you know what you saw.

What follows won’t help.

The way that slick line inches up his cock. The mark of how far she’s taking him. Watching it glisten as it moves closer to his balls. Don’t worry, she won’t reach them tonight. But she will shake over and over, until she’s dripping off him too. Long strands falling off his thick shaft, landing on the back of her thighs and calves. The feel of it pushing her into another orgasm. And another. Until they string together and never really stop. She’s trying to rationalize too, but it’s difficult to think when she’s coming so hard her vision blurs. Still, she tries. She tells herself it’s not better (it is), it will only be this once (it won’t), she’ll still want to feel you there (she already doesn’t).

While she’s struggling with these thoughts he’ll break her.

It will happen with no motion. He’ll look at you and smile, then bury himself as far as she can take him and hold it there. He’ll flex his cock, so it swells obscenely. You’ll watch her lips stretch around it. The tension makes her hands shake first. Then her arms. Then her legs. Working its way through her entire body. All from his huge cock, just throbbing in her little cunt, until it throbs back a little too hard and she simply can’t bear it.