A sense of Self

Once in a while people post nice poems we thought we share…

a flower pink flower

Is it worth the wait
Or should I change the tune
comfort can’t be found
from staring at the moon
it’s so far away
so why am I afraid.

Afraid of my own choices
even the few good ones I’ve made
its’s creeping slowly
attacking my mind
I’m not sure what it is
that I’ll soon find.

The regrets start consuming
all the lies I’ve been using
to tell myself it’s going to be okay
I tell myself it’s fine to run away
little do I know
no matter where I go
It’ll catch up to me
and then we’ll all see
that despite all our protection from ourselves
acceptance is all we ever need


Sexy 107

Sexy woman in this picture lingerie at work


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It’s a good day to be happy

It's a good day to be happy


Happy day!

nice day a woman feeling the wind and a pretty day

48 year old nude

This is a woman 48 years of age and we can see she's wearing a black dress but very hot angle when you see breast


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Big and fat in a bikini

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